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Code: AS 30 EWeedHex

AS Motor AS 30 E WeedHex Battery Powered Weed Brush


The lightweight and agile AS 30 E-WeedHex reliably removes weeds on uneven surfaces such as cobblestones, along walls and kerb stones, and in narrow areas. Thanks to a quiet rechargeable battery drive, this weed remover is ideal where noise is a concern such as residential areas, hospitals and Schools.

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he weed brush is driven by the ultra-strong AS-Motor Electric drive. Two 56V 10Ah lithium-ion batteries enable an operating time of over 90 minutes, depending on the brush type and application. With the brushless battery motor, the AS 30 E-WeedHex operates significantly quieter, without exhaust fumes and with less vibration than weed removers with combustion engines. The battery can be changed easily and without tools thanks to the quick-change system.

In terms of power, the AS 30 E-WeedHex even surpasses its sisters with combustion engines. The enormously high torque of the 3.200-watt motor at the brush ensures that even stubborn weeds don’t stand a chance. The reduced brush speed of only 600 revolutions per minute prevents stone throwing. In combination with the protective cloth, the risk of stone chipping as well as dust generation is significantly reduced. The individually height-adjustable wheels allow the brush to be tilted to the side. This enables weed removal even in crevices, joints or recesses.

The AS 30 is delivered without brush as standard. You can choose from three different brushes according to your area of application. The aggressive disc steel brush for the highest cutting force. The newly developed brush carrier, which can be equipped with up to 3, 4 or 6 pigtail brushes of the AS 30 WeedHex. The brushes can be changed easily and comfortably by means of a quick-change system.

The knotted brushes of the brush carrier clear out depressions even better and offer high operating comfort through increased running smoothness. For sensitive substrates (e.g. clinker, natural stone, wooden floorboards, terracotta, etc.), a nylon brush with gentle cutting force is optionally available.

Extend your application capabilities in all directions with a comprehensive ECOSYSTEM. The AS-Motor Electric batteries are compatible with all professional hand tools from EGO Powertools.

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