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Makita EB7660TH 4-Stroke petrol backpack blower (75.6cc)

£410.00 inc. VAT
AMF Services (Bedford) Ltd are pleased to offer you this member of the Makita leaf blower range.

Product description

The Makita EB7660TH backpack blower is powered by a fuel-efficient 75.6cc 4 stroke engine, to deliver up to 4.0 hp. The MM4 Makita Mini 4 stroke engine requires no fuel mixing, uses neat unleaded petrol, therefore reduces the risk of damaging the engine with an incorrect fuel mix. Mechanical automatic engine decompression for quick and easy starts with a diaphragm type carburettor and primer pump.
Low vibration on the user’s back is obtained by 4 damper springs mounted between the engine and the backpack frame to reduce vibration on the back of the user, to reduce user stress and fatigue. Vibration at the handle is also significantly reduced by effectively damping the transmission of vibration from the engine to the nozzle. The user’s hand is protected against static electric shock due to there being enough distance created between the grip position and the nozzle. Carrying grip provides a comfortable grip for the user’s hand and cushioning back padding and shoulder straps are well ventilated for effective sweat evaporation. Straps are adjustable to provide the perfect fit for every user.
4 damper springs are mounted between the engine and the backpack frame that reduce vibration on the back of the operator even during long hours.
Cushioning back padding and shoulder straps, well-ventilated for effective sweat evaporation to provide more comfort.
Anti-Icing: You can open the anti-icing valve by simply turning a dial to supply warm air from the engine to prevent the carburettor from icing up under cold environments.
Anti-static – Users hand is protected from static electric shock by enough insulation distance between grip and nozzle.
Powerful and environmentally friendly 4-stroke engine. Low noise and clean exhaust emission.
High Speed/High Air Volume
Tube mounted throttle
Carry handle for easy transport
Primer Pump
Automatic decompression valve.
Diaphragm carburettor
Telescopic pipe and nozzle
In compliance with exhaust emission regulations: EPA Phase 2, EU Stage 2.
Technical Spec
Noise Levels
Engine Displacement
Power Type2
1 Year
Air Speed
Vibration Levels
Starting System
Power type
Petrol – 4 stroke

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