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Makita EA3500S35B petrol chainsaw (35cc) (14″ bar & chain)

£224.00 inc. VAT
AMF Services (Bedford) Ltd are pleased to offer you a member of the Makita Chainsaw range.

Product description

The Makita EA3500S35B petrol chainsaw has a 2 stroke, 35cc engine with catalytic muffler to comply with well-known exhaust emission regulations, and to deliver up to 2.28 hp. Easy start with spring-assisted recoil starter to reduce pull force to start the machine, on/off choke combination switch with automatic half-throttle lock and primer pump is provided.
The intelligent ignition coil controls stable idling, increases output power at practical RPM range, engine over-run protection and accumulated electric energy charge system allowing easier re-starting. The EA3500S35B has a touch and stop switch. A light touch on the switch stops the engine and the switch returns automatically to the start position, eliminating the flooding of the carburettor. The chainsaw has an adjustable oil pump to adjust the amount of chain oil flow, and adjustable automatic chain lubrication with a large oil reservoir. The metal spike bumper firmly grips the workpiece to provide for more user control and to make cutting easier.
The EA3500S35B features M2M, “maximum power with minimum effort” Vibration Dampening Technology. The vibrating mass, consisting of the engine, bar and chain, is isolated from the other parts of the chainsaw by vibration damper elements. The damping mass is greater and more effective than simply damping the handles. Effective vibrating damping reduces the physical stress of working with a chainsaw.
Makita EA3500S35B petrol chainsaw (35cc)
14″ Guide Bar
14″ Chain
Bar Cover
Universal Wrench
Torc Wrench
Tool Kit
Hex Wrench
Carburettor Screwdriver .
Technical Spec
Bar & Chain Length
14" bar & chain
Vibration Levels
4.9 / 5.0m/s² (front / rear)
Starting System
Chain Pitch
Chain Tensioner
Lateral Tensioning
Chain Gauge
Weight (Excluding bar & chain)
Engine Power Output
2.4kW (2.8hp)
Noise Levels
Engine Displacement
Power Type2
1 Year
Power type
Petrol – 2 stroke

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