mitox cs41 chainsaw

Mitox® CS41 Chainsaw

The CS41 shares the same compact dimensions as the CS38, retaining it’s minimal weight and easy handling characteristics, with the added benefit of a more powerful 40.1cc engine and larger 16” Oregon guide bar with 3/8LP chain.

This makes the CS41 ideal for cutting firewood in large quantities, and other cutting tasks around the garden.

Quicker starting of the Mitox® CS41 chainsaws with ‘SmartPull’ recoil assist, the engine is up to 30% easier to start.


Smart Flow Particle Separation

Particle separation helps to remove sawdust away from the air filter during operation. This allows the chainsaw to continue working at optimum performance for longer, before air filter cleaning, leading to extended service life.

Easy Starting

The unique design of the ‘SmartPull’ recoil assembly, ensures easier pulling and quicker starting of the Mitox® CS38 and CS41 chainsaws. With ‘SmartPull’ recoil assist, the engine is up to 30% easier to start.

Clean Air Intake System

The premium quality air filter prevents dust from entering the engine and is easily removed without the need for tools, allowing routine servicing.

Superior Engine Durability

All models feature a solid aluminium crankcase, with a precision forged crank shaft, supported by high quality ball bearings, ensuring a long and reliable life.

Safety First

Mitox® Chainsaw features include rear hand protection and chain catcher. All Mitox® Chainsaws feature a dual action chain braking device.

Chain Brake

The dual safety chain brake system can be activated either manually, or by inertia in the occurence of a kick-back. Once activated, the chain stops within 0.15 seconds, to reduce the chances of injury.

Comfortable Operation

All Mitox® Chainsaws feature a full anti-vibration system, for operator comfort.