mitox 28lh

Mitox 28LH Hedgetrimmer

The Mitox 28LH is a quality long reach hedge trimmer powered by the latest Mitox 25.4cc full crank 2 stroke engine.

The Mitox 28LH is a quality long reach hedge trimmer powered by a 25.4cc, full-crank 2-Stroke engine.

With its long reach, and adjustable articulating double sided, double reciprocating 58cm blade, tall hedges can be trimmed safely without the use of a ladder.

The engine benefits from an effective anti-vibration system, and with a weight of just 6.9kg, the 28LH can be used for long periods of time with minimal operator fatigue.

Another benefit of the 28LRH its ability to articulate the head through 180⁰, making storage and transport simple, as well as giving greater flexibilty during use.


Padded Front Handle

The front handle enables multiple grip positions for work at various angles and heights, whilst reducing vibration and making operation more  comfortable.

Easy Transport& Storage

The 26LH-SP and 28LH feature a split shaft design, with a robust aluminium coupling allowing for easy transport and storage of the product.

Ergonomic Controls

The throttle controls on the MITOX® long reach hedge trimmer range are ergonomically designed for user comfort, as well as being designed to stand the test of time.

Articulating Blades

The blades on the 26LH-SP articulate through 150 degrees for trimming the tops and sides of hedges, whilst the 28LH blades can articulate through 180 degrees for greater versatility.

Strong Drive Shaft

Strong 26mm outer shafts and 8mm solid drive shafts ensure durability and high performance, with excellent power transfer from engine to cutter head.

Auto-Choke System

The choke control features set positions for cold and hot starting, and automatically returns to idle when the throttle is pulled. (Not on SP models)

Heavy Duty Gearbox

Heavy duty gearboxes with heat treated gears ensure high performance and durability in the harshest conditions, delivering reliable power to the blades without fail.

Full Crank Engines

Providing superior performance, lower vibration and considerably longer service life, when compared to Half Crank (single bearing) engines, commonly used on low cost domestic garden machinery. All Euro 2 compliant.