child planting

How to Keep Little Ones Entertained in The Garden 

While we all love endlessly binge-watching new tv-series and films, finding activities to do while the sun is shining in the garden can be arduous, especially with young ones. So, while the pandemic means we can’t go to parks and beaches, here are some great ways to make the most of the sunshine from your own garden.

Start Growing Your Own Fruit & Veg

child planting

Although growing your own fruit and vegetables can seem like a lengthy process, it is an extremely rewarding one! You can purchase a range of inexpensive seeds for a variety of different seasonal produce, which can require as much or as little attention as you’d like. The daily process of checking on your plants and watering them can be a great way to keep children entertained and in routine.

If you don’t have enough garden space, there are many vegetables that can be grown indoors too, such as carrots and potatoes.

“Go Camping”

tent camping in garden

While conventional camping is probably unlikely to be an option right now, you can go camping in the garden! You can set up a day or night camp with tents and a campfire, along with snacks and activities for hours of endless fun.

Chalk Walls 

fence with chalk on Tired of having to clean and repaint your walls in the house? Why not create an outdoor blackboard from your fences and walls? Applying chalk paint to your fence panels and walls means the children can draw all over them and it can be wiped away to start again the next day!

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