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Mitox have issued the following statement regarding the use of the new E10 Fuel in their range of Mitox Tools 
The roll-out of E10 petrol is well underway here in the UK and many users of petrol-powered garden machinery are wondering how it will affect their equipment. Below are some questions which will explain the effects of this change. 
What is E10 petrol and why has it been introduced? 
E5 was the previous standard fuel available from petrol stations and contained 5% ethanol. The recently introduced E10 petrol now contains 10% ethanol with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions produced from petrol engines and lowering the amount of fossil fuels used in petrol. 
Can I use E10 petrol in my MITOX petrol powered tools? 
Yes. MITOX machinery will run perfectly fine using E10 fuel in your 2-stroke mix, however, the ethanol in the fuel can cause starting and running issues if left in your machine. Even the smallest amounts of untreated fuel within the fuel system can lead to non starting or poor running engines so we recommend treating the petrol with a fuel stabiliser 
What can be done to help prevent ethanol related engine issues? 
We strongly recommend adding B3C Ethanol Shield fuel stabiliser to the petrol as soon as it is purchased. This can be purchased from your local Mitox dealer or through the official Mitox webshop here. 
How does adding B3C Ethanol Shield help prevent fuel related issues? 
There are several benefits to adding B3C Ethanol Shield to your fuel all of which help to prevent ethanol related problems in engines. 
Preventative Maintenance Formula: Acts as a fuel preservative by adding antioxidants into the fuel acting as a fuel catalyst by keeping the hydrocarbon chains short, preventing the fuel from decomposing prematurely. 
Removes Water: Envelopes water molecules, preventing bonding with ethanol. By enveloping the water, it now passes harmlessly through the fuel system, including all filters and screens, to be vaporised in the combustion chamber. 
Prevents Ethanol Phase Separation: Water removal prevents phase separation which leads to the corrosive effects of ethanol. 
Contains Rubber & Plastic Conditioners: Dual lubricants condition rubber and plastic components - Rejuvenating and protecting the rubber gaskets and seals that may have been dried out by ethanol. 
Fuel Stabilisation: Keeps fuel fresh and stable for up to 1yr, whist also promoting quick starting. 
Upper Cylinder Lubrication: After the lubricants are burned in the combustion chamber, a synthetic lubricant is left lubricating the entire upper combustion chamber including piston rings and valves. 
Reduces Emissions: Enables a clean and efficient burning of fuel 
How much Ethanol Shield do I need to use in my fuel? 
For fuel to be used in garden machinery, you only require 2 capfuls (8ml) of Ethanol Shield per 5 litres of fuel. 
I only use petrol in 2-stroke equipment and mix my fuel with 2-stroke oil as soon as it is purchased. Is there a 2-stroke oil with fuel stabiliser in available? 
Yes. B3C Ethanol Shield 2-Stroke oil provides high protection for any 2-stroke engine. It is manufactured using a high specification Semi-Synthetic 2-stroke oil along with the specially formulated B3C Ethanol Shield fuel stabiliser. Remember to follow the manufacturers recommended mix ratios for your equipment. 
View the full range of B3C Fuel Solutions products at www.b3cfuel.co.uk 
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