2022: What's new? 
We've kept developing E- Power, our unique battery power source, putting in more testing hours to understand cell performances and longevity and further increasing the possibilities we offer to our customers: 
In addition to all our products with removeable batteries, E-Power is at the heart of every STIGA robot, including our newest autonomous  
E-Power is giving power to our new smallest ride on: the first electric rider in the market using 4 interchangeable batteries, shareable with handheld tools. 
E-Power is offering more performance: it powers our longer range tornado and estate electric tractors, which we have now electrified more of the features for easier use, making this the first fully electric tractor in the market. 
E-Power is also the powerful heart of an entirely new ride on category we are launching today able to cut up to 12,000 sqm in one charge. 
E-Power is driving all our battery lawn mower series, where we are introducing a fully new cutting solution. 
INTRODUCING the new Stig-A Robotic Mower. 
What if... You could install your robot by simply tapping on your smartphone, totally forgetting about any wire? 
there was a bullseye-accurate technology, able to reinvent how a robot works? 
the robot could care for the garden by giving it back to the family? 
there was no longer any GPS signal reception issues? 
this was already happening? 
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