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During the summer months a picture perfect lawn is hard to maintain, below are just a few reasons why having a Robot Mower or "Mowbot" will make your life easier and help to keep your lawn healthy and well maintained. 
Large area to maintain ? 
If you’ve got quite a bit of grass in your garden, the thought of mowing it every week in the summer heat is a daunting prospect. It is however a job that needs to be done to maintain a healthy lawn. 
The Robot Mowers have the ability to cover an area from 600m2 to 6500m2 of grass, a Mowbot can take care of a range of different sized gardens with ease. When the job is done, it will even return to its charging station so it is ready and raring to go out again next time. It will also know to return to the charging station when the battery is running low, or if the weather turns bad. 
Lawn maintenance without lifting a finger. 
For the ultimate mowing convenience, the Robot Mower can be controlled via Bluetooth connectivity so all you have to do is programme the frequency as desired – meaning gardens can be tended to from afar. Whether it’s a twice weekly mow or multiple cuts a week, you can programme how often it will tend to lawns, so you don’t have to even be at home while the Mower is at work. Using the app you can check on the status of the mower or change the schedule to suit your plans 
Slopes in your garden ? 
If you have to deal with slopes in your garden, the Robotic mower can take care of them. The Mowers have the ability to conquer slopes with an incline of up to 20 degrees, some models like the ones from Kress feature Recharging brake systems. This means that on downhill slopes, a recuperative braking system brakes the Robot mower. The kinetic energy generated here is converted into electricity that extends the battery runtime. 
Installation is quick and simple 
Setting up the Mower is a lot easier than you may think. All you have to do is install the electric parameters by laying the boundary wires around the edge of the lawn, under the turf. using the kit provided. This establishes the area that needs to be cut an ensures the Robot mower stays of paths and flowerbeds or ponds. A charging station is installed near an electrical supply , a garage is available if you would like to protect it from the elements. 
It will help maintain every inch of lawn 
The robotic mowers are very precise in their cutting pattern to ensure every blade of grass in cut and that it does not keep mowing the same part over and over again. It knows which areas it has already done, so you don’t need to worry about it using up its battery unnecessarily or damaging your grass. As it does not collect the grass cuttings it simply feeds the fine cuttings back to the lawn in the form of mulch. 
Looking after your lawn can be hard work, especially in the summer, but with our range of state of the art robotic mowers from Kress, Stiga and AL-KO, lawn care can now be easier. 
Find out more about our range of Robotic Mowers using the following link https://www.amfservices.co.uk/webshop/robotic-lawnmowers/ 
For Robot Mowers in Milton Keynes, Ampthill, Bedford, Flitwick, Kempston, Stewartby, Cranfield and the surrounding areas, look no further than AMF Services. 
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