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AMF Services (Bedford) Ltd have a range of both Hand Propelled and Self Propelled Lawn Mowers as well as Ride-On Mowers. 
Below are several potential benefits to switching from a petrol-powered lawn mower to a battery-operated one: 
Low maintenance: Battery-powered lawn mowers typically require less maintenance due to having fewer moving parts, therefore it will not require regular oil or spark plug changes. All it should require is the occasional blade sharpen and the battery charged. 
Zero emissions: Battery-powered lawn mowers produce no emissions, which can be a benefit for those who are concerned about their impact on the environment as well as the operator's health. 
Quiet operation: Battery-powered lawn mowers are typically much quieter than petrol-powered ones, which can be a benefit for those who live in close proximity to neighbours or in noise-sensitive areas such as schools and colleges. 
Lightweight: Many battery-powered lawn mowers are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, which can be a benefit for those with smaller lawns or physical limitations. Some homeowners need to carry their mower up steps etc. 
Easy to store: Battery-powered lawn mowers are often smaller and more compact than petrol-powered ones, making them easier to store in a garage or shed. There is no storage of fuel required which not only is a fire hazard but can go off in not used regularly 
No need for a power cord: Battery-powered lawn mowers don't require a power cord, which can be a benefit for those who don't want to deal with the hassle of running an extension cord around the garden. 
Push button start- Battery mowers are started with a push button start so there is no pulling of cords. 
Low hand arm vibrations: For those using mowers for long periods of time battery powered mowers have much lower hand-arm vibrations reducing the risk of vibration white finger. 
Follow the link below to see our range of battery lawnmowers from top manufacturers such as AL-Ko, Stiga, Cobra, Kress and Mountfield. 
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