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Greener Grass: How Ride-On Mowers Achieve a Perfect Lawn 

Ride-on lawn mowers have proven themselves to be quite popular during the last decade. As their technology and fuel efficiency have both dramatically increased, so has their appeal. While these are particularly useful when tackling larger lawns, their convenience goes far beyond simply saving time and effort. At AMF Services, we offer a wide selection of these innovative machines. 
Still, it is important for us to appreciate the benefits that the grass itself will experience. That’s why our latest blog post takes a closer look at some of the environmental advantages that ride-on mowers can offer. 
Moisture and Temperature 
As you may or may not know, two of the most important variables in regards to any lawn are the temperature and the moisture content. High temperature readings can stifle growth and contribute to the death of the grass. If we combine this with low moisture content, the end result can be dry patches or even the death of an entire lawn. Ride-on mowers are able to more effectively mulch the clippings once they are cut. By evenly distributing these particles, the temperature will remain cooler and moisture can be retained. 
Encouraging Healthy Growth 
It’s important to always remember that a healthy lawn will require adequate amounts of fertiliser. Unfortunately, chemical compounds can actually damage other plants and, in extreme cases, these substances can seep into local groundwater. The natural clippings produced when the grass is cut provide adequate amounts of nitrogen and moisture. While this may not eliminate the need to add extra fertiliser, the amounts required can be drastically reduced and damage to your garden by excessive use can be minimised. 
Beyond the Summer 
One of the lesser-known facts in regards to a lawn is a condition known as “frost heaving”; this occurs when the ground freezes. When the ice below expands, it can literally push the roots of the grass up and out of the ground – potentially killing the parts of the lawn. The thin layers of mulch produced by a ride-on mower will act as a form of passive insulation. So, the ground is much less likely to undergo these changes. As a result, your grass will be better protected against freezing during the colder months of the year. 
Modern ride-on mowers have an excellent turning radius, allowing you to trim boundaries and corners with ease. This can help to eliminate bothersome weeds that may very well impact the healthy growth of surrounding grass. 
So, it is clear to see that there are many benefits associated with ride-on mowers besides comfort and efficiency alone. By providing you with the ability to maintain a green, healthy and robust lawn, it is no wonder why these modern marvels have become so very popular! 
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