gardening gloves with picked plants

6 Key Tools Every Gardener Needs

Every gardener needs to have a few key tools in their kit to help them achieve their perfect garden. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, there are so many different options of brands, manufacturers and styles to choose from. So, we’ve put together a short list of gardening essentials. So, whether you’re a pro checking you have everything or you’re unsure of where to start, read on to see what we recommend.

Gardening Glovesgardening gloves with soil

Good quality gardening gloves are a great investment for multiple reasons. They will reduce the chances of injuring your hands and stop some serious damage to your skin and nails. Furthermore, placing glove free hands into the soil can lead to unwanted infections and bacteria causing long-term problems. So, safeguard your hands with gloves and replace them on a regular basis. Once they begin to wear, they won’t be able to protect your hands anymore.

Watering Toolwhite watering can watering pink flowers

Wherever you live and regardless of the size of your garden, no plants can survive without a regular supply of water. For a small patch of plants or new buds, a small watering can be sufficient. However, for a larger garden, it would be more beneficial to utilise a heavy duty hose and sprayer, as they can cover more ground and can survive harsh seasonal conditions.

Spades & Shovels

garden shovels and spaces against garden building with plants Possibly, the most used tools in gardening are your spades and shovels. Due to their multi-functional designs, uses and versatility, no gardeners tool kit should be without a set. Spades make light work of slicing through roots and plants and moving soil around. Shovels although quite similar, tend to be more concave in shape and are more suited to moving soil in bulk and digging.  

Pruning Toolsred secateur pruning red roses

These are great to control and tame any plants and flowers that are getting out of hand. Although they have various different names, such as hand shears, pruning shears and secateurs, all of them are quite similar. They are particularly handy for regular pruning of a rose bush.


green rakes with fallen autumn leavesWhether it’s a normal rake or a lawn rake, they are a key tool to make your gardening much easier. They are useful to clear any light debris, removing any built up moss or thatch and they are also perfect for preparing the soil for seed planting.

A good quality lawn rake is ideal for spreading topsoil or fertiliser, gathering leaves and possibly removing old pondweed.


wheel barrow filled with flowers and jacket on handleWheelbarrows are an essential when it comes to gardening because they have a multitude of uses. They are an easier and quicker way to transport your soil, fertiliser or rubbish across your garden but also the perfect space to soak your plant before planting them. There are various designs available, we’d always recommend choosing one that is best suited to your gardening requirements.

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